Wednesday, October 12, 2011

"Dangerously" fast pace of exposure to metaknowledge.

Huge access to new ideas, particularly new and expanding uses of online learning/communicating/socializing applications. It would be easy to go into a techno-trance and learn too little.

I think I'll grow and stay focused/sane/functional [my definition, yours is up to you] if I make a weekly plan and stick to it. [Rate of change is so great that making a course learning plan is, at least now, an exercise in deluded, if hopeful,  processing.]

Which reminds me of A. Creelman's  twit, ""The fact that your world hasn't changed doesn't mean that the world hasn't changed."

Have found some support from FreeMind. Using its capabilities to add references and snippets to weekly topics
as they unfold and/or as they can be enhanced by finding other links and snippets from presenters.
This , mooc-based learning systems, is a massive challenge --a multielement challenge to older learning systems designed to provide critical skills to individuals and thus to society at large. If it proves itself via, say, some demonstrable and siginificant difference in energy and resource investment (mooc-caused versus course-caused) per measure of competence enhancement produced, social and fiscal resources may be justifiably be shifted from one method of competence production , i.e. classes in a university, to another, mooc-centered instruction aimed at the same competence delivery.

Stay tuned ... there will be societal and structural changes if Moocs prove themselves. That hasn't yet occurred but the plausibility level of the hypothesis has gained some considerable ground.

I am stuck, at the moment, on a pre-reading I did of David Wiley material and was particularly amused/awakened/jarred by his reconstruction of the last 2.5 millenia of learning/teaching orthodoxy. Summary: no matter how advanced the instructional technology, no matter the acquired excellence previous to or during educational process, somehow only documented sitting  time in lecture is the core measure of your acquired mental maturity or excellence. [His you tube presentation(a brief parody of the future of education ]


*Metaknowledge  -- knowledge about knowledge, particularly about knowledge acquisition.


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