Friday, October 21, 2011

The knowledge and social universes are changing.

Picture the potential [this imagined future scenario occasioned by my Mooc-Opened point of view] having a conversation on any topic with anyone.

When I think of  independent knowledge acquisition 20 years ago--
One example might be a library search of 25 years ago versus the search we might conduct today.

25 years ago:
   I use the card catalog to look up documents on "peace-making of the 17th century Algonquin ".  
   If I'm socially and technically able enough, perhaps when I find only three titles and two  
   authors that make sense, I can get the librarian to help me fine tune my search. Perhaps I end up with
       5 books that are all somewhat on topic and intelligible. --->
       4 hours invested --> 3  books with high topic relation and intelligibility.

Now:  I have Wikipedia, I have thousands of possible collaborators -- with face-to-face(online), email, blogger, forum and Mooc resources for information and understanding---no charge, and from home/computer.


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