Friday, September 30, 2011

Class meeting has started using Fuze. Dave hosts while speaker tries to sign in Martin W is uploading a powerpoint.

Will Mooc-ified scholarship be transformative for the field... more directly will it count as compelling research instead, unfortunately, as simply blog posts.??

Martin weller on digital scholarship. (open university, uk)--(.

the boyer view of scholarship (discover, integration, application, teaching)

3 characteristics of a digital scholar.

Research def may change....
   -more granular  .... a blog post?
   -new and multiple connections to shape/collaborate on idea generation, research.
   -analytics ..we can analyze responses, response rates, institutional acceptance/refusal
   -Cultural stickness: "Do the cultural norms of blogging, say, override those of disciplines?
            "Do bloggers in different disciplines have more in common with other bloggers than
              those in the same definition"

-What IS  research , anyway?
-Researchers should lead.... or they'll end up with nothing to say
-Tenure and reward:
- How do we recognize digital scholarship. (see the Harley et al commentary, Cheverie (2009)
-Senior people don't get it. (library, dusty journals etc and thats it the rest is wrong.
-Outsourced Evaluation:   .... oldstyle the publishing journals were the "outsourced scholarship evaluators"

Recognizing digital scholarship; have to

  1. find digital equivalents
  2. generate guidelines that include digital scholarship
  3. use metrics
  4. involve/evolve.maintain peer-assessment
  5. use Micro-credit processes/procedures
  6. Developing alternative methods of assessing digital scholarship
Heppel: (2001)

Should we formally recognise digital scholrahisp.

Network weather. Arin Greenfield. -- idea is alot is happening online that all don't understand. When changes occur --the ignorant just write it of as fate, the weather.... i.e. they don't "get" that much of this is the impact of  the internet

The new conference archive. (twitter, flickr, youtube, books, ning and blogs)

Potential to radically change practice comes from digital technology.... these are exciting times.



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