Friday, September 16, 2011


Starting to up my pace and game as we get ready for next week's substantive beginnings of our course.  I'm spikeh1464 on Change.Mooc.CA

  1. Worked on a twitter stream for the class. The schedule (draft) is here .
  2. Added several names to track in twitter. Evidently the places & systems relating to your statement are added at the tail end of your twit (ie #change11, in this case).
  • Question to which all meetings will be responsive: How can using the web intelligently make us smarter?
    1. Mobile Learning at the Open University of Malaysia
    2. Digital Scholarship
    3. Collective learning
    4. Managing technology to transform teaching
    5. OER for learning
    6. Triangulating, weaving and connecting our learning
    7. Rhizomatic Learning
    8. Learning in times of abundance
    9. Soft stuff, hard stuff, and invisible elephants
    10. Slow learning
    11. Authentic learning
    12. [How] can [using] the web [intelligently] make us smarter?
    13. Social Networks, Learning Communities and Web Science
    14. The IEML philosophy
    15. Knowledge, Learning and Community
    16. Paradoxes of Autonomous and Authentic Learning in VLE
    17. Infoskills 2.012: how to do a lot with a little
    18. Facilitating Networked Learners
    19. Sensemaking, wayfinding, networks, and analytics
    20. Scholars' online participation and practices
    21. Digital Identities & Subjectivities
    22. Open Scholarship
More topics to follow.

PS:  Several topics not yet specified.
PPS: Names of those who are the lights which elevate the  topics above haven't been specified because-- while possibly known to many.... I'm trying to communicate the breadth, and subdivisions of our 30 week +/-   conversation.



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